Wishing for new breed of bloggers

First things first, I know for a fact that the written word is here to stay. It will continue to evolve or devolve. But it will still be here to stay. As I have shared somewhere, what I am looking for is significance and that someday, someone will dig up my blog and my old articles and would read up on it. But sadly, hardly anybody ever reads up on old running notes, running history … except for those who really are into it with all of their hearts. More so, very few are engaged in it.


As I shared on Facebook, majority of those who have running blogs hardly every write or post anything new on their blogs. And I feel sad because I am actually subscribed to their blogs but I hardly ever get an email notification of a new post that they post.


And so, that is what I long for. I long for a new breed of bloggers who would write about their journey about running, how it has helped them. What makes them different, their aspirations in life and all that. And maybe at the end of the day, it would also make them realize that they are contributing to something much better. My blog is not monetized at all. And I am OK with it. Because for me, I really am a purist.


Speaking of blogging, I will give myself one last time to write more regularly before giving up this URL. After which, I will return to a FREE blog platform. I know that a free blogging platform is limited. I know that it will have challenges because even the free templates are so outdated that the average internet reader may most likely not even be interested in reading the content. But you know what? I think that it is good to start with a smaller platform again, take baby steps and then move forward once I have maximised the free space on that free blog.

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