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Conquer New Territory. Make Your Moment. Listen To Your Body.

These are the taglines of sports watch brands. And each tagline already tells what kind of brand they are and what specific sports they are targeting. “Conquer New Territory” happens to be Suunto’s campaign as they are known for extreme sports such as using their watches in the depths of the oceans and the highest peaks of the world. “Make Your Moment” is Soleus Running reminder that running is a great experience and crossing a finish line is a moment. I can still remember the first marathon I’ve experienced when I think about “moments” as I literally cried and was very happy and was also in pain with blisters and sore legs and burnt skin from the noonday sun running. “Listen To Your Body” is identified with Polar watches as they are known for their excellent heart rate monitor watches. The best way to know how much accuracy you have achieved is to get yourself a sports watch on NanaDC’s guide.

I do not remember all the taglines so I just remember the ones that I can recall at the moment. But what I do know is that different sports watches are aimed at different athletes. There’s no one size fits all here. And in the course of the last five years, I’ve finally managed to create my own standard for sports watches. So here’s the cream of the crop of the best sports watches and it will be in the form of a countdown. If you can’t decide which is better between Tissot vs Seiko you can check out this page that will help you choose you’re future watch.

Fifth is GARMIN,

GARMIN now has a touchscreen sports watch! Cool!
GARMIN now has a touchscreen sports watch! Cool!

ASIC Running comes in at number four.

So what’s number three? Soleus Running takes center stage for the number three spot. What’s not to love about their watches? One, they are affordable. Even their entry level GPS watches do not cause an arm and a leg and can be bought for about 150-200 US dollars or just about 7,000 to 10,000 pesos! Really not bad. And since they support a lot of top running events in the Philippines, you can even avail a 10%-20% discount on their sports watches as they give away discount vouchers at major race events. But more than just the great price points, Soleus Running stands out because they were among the first to come up with colorful sports watches way ahead of the leading sports watch brands which mostly stuck with black, shades of grey and orange and red. Soleus came up with fashion forward colors such as pink, indigo blue and bright yellow sports watches. Of course, there’s another brand that came in earlier with colorful sports watches and that ASICS. Yet ASICS has yet to introduce and come up with their own GPS watch. So that’s something that left them behind.


The number four sports watch for me would be Polar. They are known more as heart rate monitor watches. They aren’t really that strong a brand locally in the Philippines in terms of product exposure either and the only people that I know who actually owns Polar watches are also triathletes and ultramarathoners. But here’s something a lot of people don’t know.. many of the entry level sports watches out in the market with a heart rate monitor sports Polar watch technology. How do I know? Once, I’ve tinkered even entry level sports watches. In fact, many of the high end performance treadmills you can find inside gyms these days sports a Polar heartrate monitor reader. I wasn’t wearing a Polar watch at the time when I was at a treadmill but I was wearing the heartrate monitor. I was then surprised that the treadmill I was using [Life Fitness] picked up my heartrate and so I inquired how it was able to do that. My Garmin and Soleus heart rate monitor watches was not detected by the treadmill. It only responds to Polar heart rate monitors. So if you are looking for a sports watch with the best heartrate monitor out in the market that has GPS functionality, then Polar is the brand for you.

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The number one sports watch in the market right now that can be used for almost ALL types of sports and all types of weather conditions is the SUUNTO AMBIT 2. This watch has it all you can access the latest sports statistics from online live sportwetten easily from this watch. It has a built in GPS which is important for hardcore athletes especially for triathletes who need accurate speed and distance measurements. Furthermore, the SUUNTO AMBIT 2 stands out because even in the water and while submerged in water it can still pick up a GPS signal and measure the distance. It can be configured to the point of recognizing different sports so that you can easily transition in an actual triathlon event without having to spend time on configuring the watch for one sport to another. Personally, what I like about it is that the heart rate monitor is extremely accurate too and is not heavy on the chest. I’ve used the Ambit 2 across roads in Metro Manila and some of the hilly parts of my home province, Batangas. I’ve used it inside deep woods of the side of Makiling too and surprisingly it can still pick up a GPS signal!


So there you have it. Summer is already here and now is the best time to train for your upcoming  Cebu Ironman event [August], your Milo Marathon Manila elminations [July] and the upcoming SOLEUS Nuvali Trail Ultramarathon! [June]. So you might ask, what are the criteria for how I came up with the top five? Do wait for my next blog post tomorrow! [It’s already done and written, it’s just that this blog post is long already so I decided to make it a separate entry!]

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