One of the things that I have come to love is that fact that because of smartphones, I can easily update my blog. The biggest irony of it all is,  I’ve lost interes in updating my blogs and I have lost interest in blogging altogether. You might think that I am left behind but part of my work allows me to see what’s really happening especially in the field of social media. Ten years ago,  blogging and Yahoo were the biggest things in social media platforms. Now, it is all about real time sharing with real time videos all because internet speeds are slowly catching up with the rest of the world and the technology to do them is becoming better, smaller and more accessible to the common people. 
Yet no matter how fast one updates the blog, CONTENT IS STILL KING. It’s not just about sharing the news, but sharing something other than the news. I think that when we have more limitations, there is a tendency to be more creative. 
So that’s the challenge for me right now. Somehow, I need to figure out why I would like to blog more regularly again. I share more things in other social media platforms such as the picture and video applications Instagram, which is ironically a sister company of Facebook. I share more things on Facebook than I have with my own website. All because Facebook is the number one social media platform in the Philippines. It makes sense to utilize the one platform that is most accessible and utilized since my countrymen is my primary audience. Yet in the pro0cess, I’ve neglected my own blog over the years. I’ve only maintained it because…  well, I can’t even remember why. I just do. 
Things have to change. They have to. 

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