Yesterday, I ran my first Ultramarathon in more than two years. And it  felt great! It felt great running a distance beyond the full marathon. It was awesome! It also happened to be the first RUNMANIA race event that I joined. I covered a total distance of 53 kilometers according to most GPS devices from various runners who measured the distance. I can actually write more about this event but probably when I have the time. The month of February went by soooooo fast that I hardly managed to write a daily log. All I know is that for the month of February, I was losing and gaining weight during the last four weeks. 

There’s one thing that’s clear though. I am going to start training again for the longest ultramarathon event that I’ve managed to finish. That’s the BDM 160. I am also going to train up for my first trail 100-Miler event in 2016. The training starts NOW. This involves a lot of commitment to stick to a training schedule. And all I got is just three times and a couple of hours during the week. But I know I can do it. For the BDM 160, I am aiming for a better finish time than my last one. There’s just something about long distances that I finish enjoyable. And though majority of my ultra running peers have become addicted to trails more than road races, I on the other hand embrace the road much more easily. Call it convenient, but I like being able to just lace up and run without having to bother commuting to run or walk a mountain. It would have been great though if I could somehow live near a mountain. I guess that’s why I aspire to live in a mountain. I want to be able to do regular trail runs without the need of bringing a car and ironically increasing my carbon footprint. 

That’s about it for now. Here’s hoping to get back to writing my thoughts again. 

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