The annual COLOR MANILA takes it up a notch! It’s now branded as WATSONS COLOR MANILA CHALLENGE! It’s happening on April 19, 2015 at the Mall of Asia grounds. So are you ready for it?

Color Manila 2015
Color Manila 2015


Unlike previous COLOR MANILA race events, this isn’t just about the fun running in different colors. Now, runners get to experience unique challenges such as crawling and climbing up a wall. This is the first of its kind with a COLOR MANILA race event and it is also their first time to have their event at the Mall of Asia grounds. So for those looking for a short and sweet distance run and race experience this summer, this is definitely one race event that you should consider! I will definitely not miss this race event this year!

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There are three race categories to choose from a short 3k race, a 5k and a 10-k category. It would have been fun to include a 21-k race distance. Perhaps next year?

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So aside from the usual race singlet, the finisher’s medal is in a form of a colorful dog tag.

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Much like their previous signature race events, this COLOR MANILA CHALLENGE wouldn’t be complete without their colorful sunglasses! I like the design that they chose for this particular race event. At least the sunglasses can be recycled for everyday use.

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There are two ways to register, one is via online payment using a PayPal or credit card and the other one is by purchasing a prepaid card which you can use to register online. This isn’t new to COLOR MANILA since they’ve been doing this kind of race registration from its inception nearly three years ago.


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You will get an email notification and you could also opt for a screenshot once you’ve finished registering for the said race event. On April 9-11 you can proceed to Mall of Asia for the race kit claiming. Chances are, they will have the race kit claiming at the open events area where most race kit claiming of other race events take place such as those done by RUN United and Nestle Philippines for the MILO Marathon.


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So are you ready to have fun? I know I am! As much as I love long distance runs, short and challenging race event are something to perk up the system. It’s been awhile since I last did a race event at the MOA grounds so this is something I am definitely looking forward to!

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