Getting Enough Sleep on Titanium90 Day 3: Road to MILO MARATHON 2013

Do you get enough sleep in a day? The textbook definition of enough sleep has been clocked as having slept for about eight [8] hours. I’ve done a lot of reading about studies on sleep and have asked many people about their own sleep patterns and here’s what I’ve discovered from my sample of 100 Filipino runners:



One, 77 of them attest to the fact that they hardly get enough sleep. The average sleep that these people get is about six [6] hours a day and could be less. The reasons for the lack of sleep is that majority of these people are married and have kids growing up and they have to wake up earlier than usual to attend to their needs. It’s either they manage to wake up far earlier than the rest of the family to do their morning runs or they end up running during the noontime or early evenings before heading home.


Two, about 15 of them that I talked to gets enough sleep. And these are the people who are extremely disciplined. They do not stay up late like most people but are home by 9pm and asleep at around 10pm and wake up at the same time each day. All 15 of them have their own cars I noticed so taking different rides going home is not an issue but traffic jam is a concern. Three, the rest of them get fluctuating bouts of sleep and this from people who sleep during the daytime due to their night shift schedules. Since I am no longer part of the business process outsourcing [bpo] industry, my sample size is limited to those that I regularly interact through events and the social media and marketing and sales circuit. As such, this could just be a preview of something that could spell disaster for the populace as it seems to me that most people in Metro Manila hardly gets any meaningful sleep.


I am sharing these things here because I’ve shared about sleep in this blog. In addition, I notice something changing in me now that I am on my third day of training. I feel lethargic. Considering that I am just incorporating strength training into my program. I also notice that I tend to sleep longer. Like close to two to three hours longer than in previous weeks and months. It’s like my body is looking for more time to rest from all that running that I’ve been doing. Another friend of mine says that he can survive with just five hours sleep. I’m beginning to think that getting enough sleep is not only crucial for preparing for a race event. But getting enough sleep on a daily basis prior to the major race event is important to overall fitness and also making sure that muscles get enough rest.

I never thought that getting enough sleep can be so complicated!

I will not bore you with the details of how getting enough sleep and what are the different cycles of sleep. You can easily Google that. But I will share with you that there are two things that I’ve learned about sleep. One, there’s such a thing as functional sleep. Two, the other type of sleep is called restorative sleep. Functional sleep as defined by two Filipino psychologist I’ve talked to tell me that you can sleep a minimum of three hours and still work adequately throughout the day. The minimum of three hours sleep is not something that psychologists have invented . This stems from studies of the military around the world and they’ve discovered that soldiers cannot function well without sleep. Motor functions and reasoning and even metabolism slows down when a person does not get enough sleep. Please take note that three hours is the barest minimum. Functional sleep is what it is – it will enable you to function but it does not guarantee that you will perform your duties throughout the day WELL nor will it make you as efficient as the person next to you who got enough sleep. The other one is called Restorative Sleep. As the word implies, it restores your body. This is the kind of sleep that is deep and allows the body enough rest to flush away the toxins, build and repair muscles and allows the body to really recuperate from everything that has transpired the previous day. Being on my third day of TITANIUM90, I wonder if this trend will continue? Will I still fall asleep as easily in the days ahead or will my body adjust to the training and I will be able to function and get restorative sleep with just six hours of slumber? Only TIME can tell really.





After 37 Days of TITANIUM90, I still sleep a lot. I spend about 8 hours at the barest minimum and during hard training days I sometimes extend another two hours of sleep. I find this fascinating especially now that I am reading LORE OF RUNNING, where the medical doctor, marathoner and writer shares that runners training for speed and endurance for a full marathon tend to sleep more than the average runner who just runs for fitness. In short, I am not as abnormal as I thought I was!

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