My First Acupuncture Session

A friend of mine invited me to try Acupuncture at the Philippine General Hospital in UP Manila. I was skeptical at first, because I really don’t know what to expect. In addition, one of things that I really don’t look forward to is a visit to a doctor — much more getting needles injected in skin! But Professor Chong kept giving rave reviews about it and so I joined him and found out for myself.

A total of seven needles was administered to me!

I have this pain in my left calf that hasn’t gone away even with resting from running. I’ve done everything in my power, including getting weekly sports massages. I am no convert to acupuncture yet, but I cannot deny that with just one session [20 minutes], the numbness and pain on my left calf significantly was reduced and I felt exceedingly sleepy after the session. According to the doctor [Dr. Miguel Salazar], I would need to undergo a few more sessions to determine if it is indeed effective for me and if things improve.

Getting into this marathon/ultramarathons is becoming more expensive it seems as I need to keep up with the aftermath of each race! Still, if you have your session at UP PGH, all you have to do is drop by the Traditional and Integrative Medicine! It’s only open from 8am to 12nn from Mondays to Thursdays and give a donation! So drop by and give it a try! Best day of the week to go is Tuesdays, as Monday is usually jampacked.

Traditional and Integrative Medicine Clinic
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