The Titanium Runner

I am Titanium Runner. At 33 years old, my work is Enterprise Risk Management covering Business Continuity Planning. My greatest passions in life is writing, running and traveling. I have titanium implants in my right knee, which has its own story you can read in this site. Lately, I only travel when there’s a race or work. I do not see the point of traveling for travel’s sake anymore. I would rather enjoy the roads and the scenery that it has to offer and literally meet the people on the road!

I have been running for 18 years but only took it to the next level last March 2009. This website is a culmination of all the things that I have learned over the years about running. It is also my passion to make running the advocacy of this site. This site was also prodded and encouraged by close friends who believed in me that I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share in terms of running for beginners. So here’s hoping that newbies into running would indeed find this site useful. And for those who are already veteran runners, maybe there’s something you want to share with me so that I can learn from your experience too. So drop me a line and make a comment with articles that I post here.


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