Salomon X-Trail 2016

There are really few race events that I look forward to on an annual basis. For marathons, there’s the Condura Skyway Marathon and then there’s the annual MILO Marathon which sadly, I haven’t been able to join for the last two years.


But interestingly, I haven’t managed to miss the Salomon X-Trail events for the last seven years. In fact, many runners don’t know that prior to the annual trail running events that Salomon holds, they started with Salomon Sundays. Some of the fellow runners that joined those early trail running events eventually moved on to do longer distances and join triathlon events.


So what does that say about the Salomon X-Trail? Well, I will leave the link at the end of this post but there are seven things why you ought to join a Salomon X-Trail.


One, it is an internationally recognized race event. You’re not just signing up for a weekend trail running event, but you are taking part of an international leg for the Salomon X-Trails which is a signature race event that takes place across different countries all over the world.

Two, there is a race meant for newbies. Of the many trail running events that I have joined, the Salomon X-Trail is the friendliest to beginners. I define friendly by giving runners a taste of what a trail run is and why it is different from a road race. And the trail is easy enough to finish and talk a leisurely walk too.

Three, it is among the baddest and hardcore short distance trail runs that you could also join for the longer distances. Beyond the 12k distances, the 24k and 32k distances  is not for the fainthearted. I’ve DNFed one Salomon trail running events, one managing to finish the entire race course but beyond cutoff of about ten minutes. And yes, they don’t give medals beyond cutoff. And then, one were the hydration system was just so bad that the brand itself did their best to redeem themselves through last year’s event. So for those looking for a grueling trail running experience that isn’t a full marathon distance but would make you feel that you’ve done a short 50k ultramarathon, then I encourage you to take up this race event as part of your bucket list.





Four, it’s fun! The first even Salomon X-Trail event took place past noontime, also in Subic area close to six years ago if memory and my blog is correct. I remember it very well because of the party atmosphere after the race event for the runners. Over the years, I no longer linger after finishing my race because I need to be elsewhere. Yet there will always be an element of fun at a Salomon X-Trail race.


Fifth, get to meet the people you make friends online! A trail run has the opportunity to talk more with fellow runners especially during the middle of the distance when majority of the runners start taking things slow and even better when the sun is as little up you get to see the faces of people. I’ve always been greeted by people I do not know, so I just smile back and offer some chit chat whenever I am still on the slowest walking pace. And that offers an opportunity of deeper connections since the running community is a great way of establishing friends for a lifetime. One of the best photographers and close friends I have now was because of the Salomon X-Trail race events, were we ran during the media launch and test runs and joined the actual race events. So make that real connection beyond cyberspace and social media!


Sixth, connect with nature. Close to two years now, I made the decision of returning to my home province, Batangas. And what I like about this place is that there are many places to climb and hike and lots of greenery. For the average urbanite who is probably reading this, I believe that getting outdoors and seeing the beauty of the rural areas is something that people should do on a regular basis. And what better way to do that in running up and down hills and mountains!


Seventh, the experience is life changing. For me, trail runs is just something I do once in awhile. Something to break the routine. I started out joining race events such as the Salomon X-Trail because I wanted to see how fast I was or how strong my heart is. Yet the longer I kept running and the slower I became [yes, I feel my age creeping in at 37 years old, I also realize that there are very few race events that I will keep coming back to. And as long as there’s a Salmon X-Trail race event in the Philippines, it is something that I will do my best to join and support. So come join us and have some fun and dirt on the road and tumble along or run with gusto up the hills and mountains of Subic!


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