2016.3 Respecting The Distance

Regardless if it is a short 5k fun run or whether it is a 100 miler/160 kilometer or beyond ultramarathon, one of the things that I would like to see among people who join these running events is that they would respect the distance. So far, that is not what is happening right now. Unlike most of my peers who have already moved to triathlon events and other competitive sporting events, I am happy to still be in the running community and I just so love being on the road and just running/walking on my feet!


I love seeing runners join race events. I love seeing the numbers grow. Alas, I am also concerned with the lack of training of most people. I see many runners attempt the Milo Marathon and thinking that doing a 42 kilometer race distance is a walk in the park. They keep comparing it to other marathon events with longer cutoff times. I wish that more runners would look into the history of running that compared to our forefathers, we are ridiculously slow. The runners of the previous generation ran with gusto and trained with gusto. This generation sees it the other way around as an opportunity to party after a race event, completely destroying any form of burning calories that would have led to more calories burned and some even neglecting to get enough rest.


So please, let us respect the distances of whatever race event that we run and join. We all run for various reasons. Yet I hope that majority will learn to make running a regular part of their daily and weekly regimen as a form of exercise.

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