2016.2 Back To Training

Sometimes writing a few sentences is way better than not writing anything at all. And that is what I am trying to do with this particular entry. During the course of the first two weeks of the year, I am happy to share that I’ve already managed to do two full marathons which I basically treat as training runs since I am now preparing for another ultramarathon distance. I went to Cebu for the annual Cebu City Marathon and then last Sunday I did the Run 2016 which is the 7-11 Philippines annual racing event held at Alabang that went through the Skyway.

So there you have it. Even though I have started covering more distance, getting more mileage and yes, I have even started to lessen my food intake, I am no longer losing weight as fast as before, but I made sure to read the lady boss review in order to find new ways of exercising. It just goes to show that my metabolism at 37 years old isn’t what it used to be. Hence, I need to do more speed intervals whenever I can and whether I like it or not, I also need to get back to regular strength training. Fortunately to improve my training results very quick I found these sarms for sale


That’s about it on my end for now. How about the people reading this? Are you doing any form of exercise lately?

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