7-11 Opens 2016 with a Marathon!

Whenever I think of convenience stores, I think of 7-11. They seem to be mushrooming all over the country the past couple of years. Even in the sports community, they have made their presence felt by organizing race events such as running and trail biking events. About a few weeks ago, they just announced that they will be having their annual marathon event on January 17, 2016.

Since majortiy of the top running bloggers in the Philippines are posting this race announcement, I will be posting my top  7 reasons why you ought to join this race event.
First, it will be a run along the Skyway. Although this is not the first nor the original race organizer that runs and stages a race event along the Skyway, it is still an opportunity to experience doing a marathon along its eletated route so don’t miss the marathon and remember to bring your best pair of compression socks amazon.

Second, it is affordable. For 1,500 pesos it is considered a steal for a full marathon distance these days. The average cost of a full marathon race registration is now hovering around 1,800 to 3,000 pesos and sometimes even more.
Third, it is convenient. True to what they wish to be known for, 7-11 makes it convenient for runners to secure their race kits. You select the 7-11 store that you wish your race kit to arrive. So just select the nearby one near your office or your home. In fact, even if delivery isn’t made possible, 7-11 will ensure you get your race kit even on race day! This is my experience with them during the last three years and race events that I have joined. In fact, 7-11 makes it more convenient this time around by adding the feature of using your rewards points that you accummulated on your 7-11 Rewards card to use for registering to this race event! How cool is that!
Fourth, the weather is oh so nice during January for a full marathon! Metro Manila is known for its extreme humidity but during the first two months of the year, you feel the ambient temperatures that is cooler to run long and harder. Which also explains why many runners end up with PRs during cooler temperatures.
Fifth, this is the King of Lootbags. I no longer have the patience to line up for the loot bags. But for those who are into freebies, this is the race to beat as all the different sponsors give tons of stuff to the runners! It is best to bring your own EcoBag at this race event because for the last two races, you could bring more than a box of goodies!
Sixth, there’s a Buddy Run edition for the 10-K.  Since some people can only run when they have a companion, this is one of those races that encourages you to bring a companion for the 10-K edition. There’s also an  option for a solo 10-K run in case that is your thing.
Seventh, start 2016 with a bang for fitness and wellness! This is the first major race event of 2016 in Metro Manila. Hence, be part of its history!  For more details, check the website and register online at www.run711.com and sign up now!

In picture above is race director Neville sharing the updates and the changes to the upcoming race event.

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