Egg Power Run. 

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a race review! It has definitely been awhile. I remember I developed a certain standard for reviewing races. So I guess I will start with what I remember.


Novelty. This is the first word that I could think of about this race event. It is the first time that I have ever heard about a run where runners are given a challenge to hold on to a fresh egg. The challenge is that the egg would not get crushed or smashed during the entire run. When a runner reaches the finish line and the egg in their hands is still intact, they will be rewarded fresh eggs! For the 21-kilometer runners, we were given a dozen eggs to bring home. Isn’t that so much fun?

Yet the novelty of this race event does not stop there. It is the advocacy of why this race event was even conceptualized. Prior to the gunstart, runners were educated about the Egg Industry of the Philippines. It really amazed me to discover that the Philippines has the lowest consumption of fresh farm eggs in the Southeast Asian and even to a degree, the entire Asian region! While Malaysians consume on average four eggs a day, Filipinos could barely hit the statistic of one! Wow! I always thought as eggs being ubiquitous. They are mixed in the bread that we eat. In almost every confectionery out there.  Yet it is how Filipinos perceive eggs that is something that needs to be looked into further.


I learned that Filipinos mostly consume eggs for breakfast. They do not eat it for lunch and even lesser so for dinner. Unlike other Asian neighbors where a lot of their cuisine utilize eggs in almost any dish that they make that extends beyond breakfast, lunch and dinner!  What is even sad is that a lot of the farm eggs being produced in the country go to waste. Production is high yet the demand for eggs is not at par or not as what the Philippine Egg Board wants it to be. Oh yes, you read that right. We do have a Philippine Egg Board.


Cool Weather. I ran a half marathon distance in 2 hours and 24 minutes. All things considered, I was race walking. I do not have the capacity to run the entire distance … not yet. Somehow I managed to run walk fast simply because of the cold weather. I mean, it was really cold all throughout the race event. The race started at 4:00 in the morning and even when I reached the finish line, I could still feel the wind biting through my sore muscles. The weather for the most part was really nice. And most of all, I finally saw “Kuya Kim Atienza”, the local weatherman celebrity triathlete perform his weather updates LIVE upon the request of the organizers as he was among the runners who joined to do the half marathon distance that morning. He has a great stage presence. He knows how to connect to his audience and most of all I really love his sense of humor.


Challenging Route. It has been countless times that I have taken the race route around BGC and going up and down the Kalayaan Flyover. Yet I tell you, it never gets boring. It never gets old for me because it affords me several challenges. One, if you are sensitive to air quality you can distinguish the change in the air… literally… when you come from BGC and slowly go up the ramp towards the Kalayaan Flyover. The air quality gets really bad once you hit EDSA and then slowly improves again upon reaching Buendia and then gets sour and bad again upon reaching the South Superhighway/Osmena Avenue portion.  Now why is this important to notice? Well, it is important because it is an excellent way to train your lungs to run along a polluted area. Especially if you are training to run a dangerous ultra marathon like the BDM102 or BM160 where a major part of the road involves running along a major highway where mostly trucks pass by.


The race route also proved challenging because of the combination of partially rough roads due to road constructions, asphalt and solid concrete roads which is what runners were greeted to along the Lawton Avenue portion of the race route. This is fascinating for me because the type of road challenges not just the way your feet adjusts. It also challenges the degree of impact that your knees take a beating.  Finally, it also challenges the strongest running shoes out there. I could just imagine how barefoot/shod runners do along this race route.


Good Hydration. Always something that I rate during race events,  since the weather is cool there is a tendency for a lot of runners to skip on proper hydration because they do not feel the need to refill the tank. Yet this is not true. Even in the coolest weather there is a need to properly hydrate to restore the electrolyte balance of our bodies.  It was nice to be able to run a half marathon without having to worry about bringing a hydration bottle or a hydration pack. POCARI SWEAT is the event sponsor of this run too for the sports drink and MANILA WATER is the supplier and sponsor of the water. My sister would have been proud since she works for Manila Water. She almost always talks about potable water whenever we meet.


So there you have it. Those are there three things that I noticed about this race event. Personally, what I have confirmed in this race is that I run walk much faster without a watch. I realize that looking at the clock stresses me out. Which is why I think that I will limit wearing sports watches to certain race events and to training runs. But for the most part and for most races, I think that I will just keep the watch inside my pouch for reference AFTER the race event. The less I know about the time the more I am relaxed and when I am relaxed I tend to run walk faster. When you get to know yourself a little better, you stick to what you know works for your mind and body.

Hmmm, I was suppose to write something about gradual training. Perhaps on my next entry then. I am just happy right now that I am able to be consistent in writing an online journal again. This run is made possible by CHRIS SPORTS PHILIPPINES. Thank you for the sponsorship! And thanks also to REEBOK PHILIPPINES. It’s great to represent a brand that believes in fitness as a lifetime advocacy.




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