8.10.2014 Outdated

It’s been awhile since I last updated my blog. My other social media platforms are more updated than this one. And the main reason is not because of timidity but because I am just very busy. Second, WordPress as a platform is really OUTDATED. It is not easy to blog or post here anymore. Imagine, I have to install plugins so that the post of Facebook users can be integrated into this thing when in fact that it should be able to do that by now. The hassle of updating to the latest versions and the latest updates to ensure that all social media platforms is tedious, time consuming and is something that just does not tickle my fancy anymore.


As such, I find that the blogging platform is starting to become irrelevant for my needs. I am speaking to myself here and nobody else. I do not know how it is with other countries but in the Philippines, Facebook and Twitter have outdone even Google and Yahoo. It is where people find their daily news, their daily dose of humor and everything else is posted here first with various links that brings a reader towards blogs and websites.

But then again, I still believe that I created this website because I wanted to keep an online journal. Speaking of journal, I also realize that readers of my blog tend to be very specific of what they want. For instance, whenever I post something about other things I am interested in, my readership takes a nosedive. But when it is all about sports, running and anything directly related to it, I get the usual readers.

Yet more than just writing about what I have experienced, I am beginning to see that a website/blog or whatever it is called right now ought to get more engagement. I see more engagement happening on Facebook and Twitter. More and more people are sending me messages there than in this blog. Which is why I keep asking myself.. why even bother maintaining this when almost everybody else is on other social media platforms?

Well, I guess I am doing my best to try to jumpstart my own blog. For now, I will start with this one.m


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