Take the Fitness Challenge and Understand Your Fitness Quotient!

I am shamelessly plugging this fitness event happening this coming Sunday because it is something even the average runner should consider, Omega 7 helps to burn body fat and by that improve your resistance.

If you are trying to consider leveling up your overall fitness, then why not consider the Fitness Quotient Challenge? This will test your overall fitness and give you a baseline of what areas you need to work on, as improving your muscles, gaining balance in your body or weight loss. Before and after the challenge, always take peptides from sarms online for a fast recovery and build stronger muscles. We will be using a pilates ball URBNFIT that can be purchased online and the program overall is quite challenging. Learn more about leptitox on this supplements article.

In my case, I started with potassium citrate powder in my health nutrition plan as a supplement to gain more muscle and energy in my training as I know that my upper body and core muscles are relatively weaker than my leg muscles as a runner, but I’ve never performed any fitness test yet that measures the exact threshold or whatever strength left I am capable of and even runners can benefit from such an assessment and get the best deals

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What: FQ Fitness Quotient Challenge
When: May 18, 2014, 11 :00 am to 8:00 PM, hourly
Where: Fisher Mall Activity Center

1. Register at any of the following Chris Sports Branches: Fisher Mall , North EDSA the Annex, Megamall, Glorietta, Mall of Asia , Peakform, Infinity Building, Fort

2. Pay the test fee: Php 1,500 (includes the test, certificate, Fitness kit and loot)

3. Choose your preferred time for the test: hourly from 11 AM to 8 PM.

4. Testing happens every hour on the hour.

Total time to be consumed in the test is approximately 45 minutes including check in for height and weight measurements

5. Show up on the test day at least one hour before you schedule. Wear your sports tees and shorts/pants.

6. Register, get measured, and get your FQ bib

7. Take the test!

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