Manila, Philippines. Last Tuesday, March 11, Soleus Philippines launched two new products. The Soleus GO Activity Monitor and the Soleus Pulse. As the title suggests, I am going to talk mainly about the Pulse and why I have been waiting for it for several months.


The Soleus Pulse be recharged using the USB cable that you can attach either to your laptop or an electrical outlet that is USB compatible. Photo credits by Rodel Montejo Photography


To start off, I’ve never been a big fan of measuring distances. One, I can easily do that by logging online and plotting a path for my runs using Google Maps. As such, even with the absence of a GPS watch I can still track the overall distance that I’ve done during any particular run. Two, GPS watches are really more for those who are seriously leveling up their running mileage and training for actual distances such as a half marathon, a full marathon and even an ultramarathon. But if you aren’t really gunning for training for long distances and just aiming for overall fitness, then I would suggest go get an HRM [Heart Rate Monitor] Watch. And this is a great time to consider the SOLEUS PULSE.

Seriously, I am not a fan of the color Orange and the shades of orange! Yet I cannot resist how the slight orange tones of the buttons on this device looked nice and it did not look like it was screaming for attention so I decided to get this one instead. Photo credits by Rodel Montejo Photography


So what’s so great about the SOLEUS PULSE? For starters, it’s a strapless HRM watch. Majority of the HRM watches out in the market right now have chest straps that one needs to place securely in the middle of the chest. It is a production number in itself just to put on securely and more often than not [and it happens to a lot of people I know], chances of losing the HRM strap or misplacing it is higher than losing the watch itself. Some people develop allergies too so the strap does not work well with them as over time it gets itchy. One can also get blisters when the strap is not securely placed and there’s also the issue of replacing the battery from time to time. These many issues and challenges are the reasons why many fitness enthusiasts clamored for a strapless HRM watch which SOLEUS  RUNNING gladly responded to.

Every Soleus watch has a squiff written at the back as part of the Soleus trademark and its uniqueness is that squiffs differ from one watch to another.
Every Soleus watch has a squiff written at the back as part of the Soleus trademark and its uniqueness is that squiffs differ from one watch to another. Photo credits by Rodel Montejo Photography


Before I move forward though, I would like to clarify that the SOLEUS PULSE though may be strapless is not as accurate as the HRM watch with a chest strap. If one is running faster, say more than 10kph speed you will definitely experience some delays with how the optical reader on the SOLEUS PULSE gets information processed. According to SOLEUS RUNNING, the level of accuracy of the HRM monitor is at about 90-95% when used during vigorous running activity or any activity that involves a fast heart rate. Why did I mentioned 10kph? Having used the watch for over a week, I’ve tested it and that’s when the watch typically slows down in monitoring my heart rate properly.


Enjoying my favorite cup of joe along with the SOLEUS PULSE strapped on my wrist. Thanks for accompanying me to the event, Rodel Montejo! Great photos!


The SOLEUS PULSE is now readily available at all L TIME STUDIO and TIME GEAR outlets found across major malls throughout the country. It’s selling at P7,950 pesos. Give me another week and I will let you in more on the different features of this great HRM watch. I just love it so much! Thanks again to L TIME STUDIO and SOLEUS RUNNING!

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