TR4.2014 Have I Reached My Goals?

Truth be told I literally took a break from blogging during the month of December. And here’s the new year. Welcome to 2014! I have earlier entries that I have not managed to edit yet and so I could not muster the strength to publish them online. I don’t know. You can call it timidity, but for me I am trying to figure out as part of my goal how far do I wish to share my life online? I am at that point again that I am trying to figure out and debating again on the merits of writing for oneself and how does one write for other people? Do I really even need to consider writing for other people in the first place? These are things that many writers have to face with, especially writers of this day and age where there are different formats across different media. There’s still the traditional print media where I really don’t know who still picks up the papers these days. But before I digress into such trivialities, let me move forward as I am writing this entry about goals.

Have I reached my goals? To put it more bluntly and in retrospect… no I did not achieve MOST of the goals that I have for myself in 2013. It frustrated me and when I think about them now, it still continues to frustrate me. But enough about that. Now is the time to think about new goals.

So first on my list of goals for 2014 has an overall theme. CONSISTENCY.

ONE, I aim to be consistent in exercising once more. This does not involve just running anymore. I want more and I want to do more. I remember the days as a kid when I took up martial arts such as Karate and I miss it so much. So much so that in 2012 I started getting back and watching MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] events and I even started a separate social media feed to monitor and get involved in it. And in 2014, I intend to go deeper and get to know more about Filipino MMA such as Arnis/Kali and Dumog.


TWO, I am to be better in overall fitness and health. Right now I can barely reach my legs when I start with a standing position and reach down at my toes. This is a basic test of strength of the hamstring muscles. This indicates two things. One, my hamstring muscles are weak. Two, my hamstring muscles are not properly stretched. But even if I get properly stretched and worked out I seriously doubt that I would be able to reach them either. For the longest time prior to understanding basic human anatomy and muscle movement, I always thought that the ability to reach one’s toes involves having a small tummy area. I was so wrong. In summary, I need to keep reviewing understanding the basic muscle groups in order to achieve overall fitness.


THREE, I am targeting seven [7] race events in 2014. Yup, just a minimum of seven race events. In particular I have three ultramarathons and three marathons lined up. For the marathons, I am looking forward to doing the QCIM again which is happening on March, then there’s the annual MILO Marathon event that always takes place rain or shine in the tail end of July and finally I want to do the Run United Philippine Marathon again by UNILAB. As for the ultramarathons, there’s two that is absolutely non-negotiable for me to do in 2014. One of those is The North Face Baguio edition happening on May. Why? Because I DNFed [Did not Finish] during my first TNF Baguio nearly four years ago. Wow, time indeed flies. And now, I intend to finish it. I’ve discovered that for trail runs, 50-80k is the sweet spot for me. Anything longer than that is no longer fun and amusing to me. Finally, I am looking forward to the Cebu Hardcore 100 Miler Ultramarathon event in November. I am not sure yet if it is even happening this year in the month of November. I need to check out the details. I am so busy that I don’t have much time to catch up reading different blogs about upcoming race events and I need to clean up my RSS Feeds and update it too.


So there you have it. I am still considered young though inside I know that I am starting to feel the creeping of the ages. I have no intention of living a life on medication and so I would rather keep myself fit, run harder, jump higher and lift more weights if it means that I need to pick up the pace a bit. I also understand that aging also involves slowing down a bit too. But it doesn’t mean I would have to sacrifice fitness in order to do so. And that’s the challenge for me this year. Keeping fit has just become more difficult with life getting hectic. So like all things I need to take this one step at a time.





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