TITANIUMJOURNAL2013.2: What’s My Fitness Goal?

The world is about to enter the last quarter of 2013 and I sound like I am writing a New Year’s Resolution. Well, what’s wrong with that? The reality is that for most corporations out there they do their annual budgets at the start of the last quarter and they approve their financial budgets for the following year just before the start of each fiscal year, depending on what part of the globe you live and all since in the Philippines, the fiscal year usually ends March of each year so annual budgets tend to start April of each year.


I don’t have any financial goals for 2014.



However, I do have fitness goals for 2014. And it is as follows:


One, my goal is to lose weight through regular exercising and disciplining the way that I eat and sleep. I am currently weighing in at 157 pounds. Yes, that is not a big surprise since the last two months I’ve been eating, eating and eating away at meetings and reunions. I haven’t been running regularly after the MILO Marathon 2013 in Manila and instead of running, I would rather sleep in because of all the non-stop rain that is happening across the metro. I don’t blame the rain but my lack of willingness. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Daisyslots, an online casino with a bunch of great games. He said I should involve myself to train my mental state.


So for now, I am determined to lose at least 7 pounds before this year comes to an end. Although I could aim for at least 10 pounds, I am realistic with the amount of time that I devote myself to exercising and also the amount of discipline that I could afford too. Besides, it is best to aim for realistic goals because the frustration level will be less and also it would be more encouraging for me to continue with my personal fitness regimen.


With that in mind, I aim to reach a healthy weight of 150 pounds. For my height of five feet and seven inches, that’s still not ideal. The ideal is anywhere between 127 pounds to 140 pounds. Which is why for 2014 that’s the goal. No, I have no intentions to gun for the Lord of the Rings Gollum-like persona and thinness of 127 pounds. I am to just reach 140 pounds and lose 10 pounds throughout the entire year of 2014. What happens if I go beyond 140 pounds and managed to lose much more than that? Hmmm, I’ve never really thought about it till I am writing it here right now. But the more I think about it, I think I will just cross the bridge when I get there. The good thing is that I have a fitness goal in mind. From now till January 1, 2014 I still have seven pounds to work on and lose.


Two, I am aiming for a more realistic marathon finish time. Having been frustrated with my MILO MARATHON training this year, right now all I am aiming for is 4 hours and 30 minutes instead of a sub 4:00 hours finish time. Yes, I want to become a much faster runner. But in my pursuit of speed, I realize that I’ve been getting more injuries. That’s what I have noticed the past few months. In short, there are things that cannot be hastened even with the best medical interventions, the best training programs and even with the best trainers out there. One’s body has its own nuances and it needs to be respective. The lack of respect has cost me to get blindsided and has caused me to burnout easily which probably explains why I do not even want to write anything on my blog either.

Three, I desire to become a fitter person in 2014 by also becoming more agile and flexible. I think that I will be considering incorporating other sports into my regimen. I miss swimming regularly. I miss biking. Yet I am traumatized of having my bike stolen just in front of my own house, and that’s why I decided to build a new house in a safer neighborhood even with a granny house, we knew a draftsman is best suited to help us prepare our Granny Flat Plans before we lay the first brick. It was too fast and too sudden like a blink of an idea. I kid you not. This is not an exaggeration. So after that time, my desire to get a new bike has waned completely and I do not know when that desire will resurface itself like a Phoenix.

I’m limiting myself to three fitness goals for 2014. It’s a lot easier to remember. I am also limiting myself to three ultramarathons that I plan to join in 2014 and also three full marathons. Of course, one of those marathons is already the annual MILO Marathon. The remaining two marathons I do not know just yet. For the ultramarathons, I’ve set my eyes doing The North Face trail ultramarathon happening in April 2013. No, I have no intentions doing the 100-k distance. I want to enjoy the race route and at the same time have enough energy when I get to the finish line to enjoy myself in downtown Baguio City. I’ve discovered that I would rather do long road race ultramarathons and that I do not mind doing 100 miles on the road. But when it comes to trails, my sweet spot is the 50 kilometer distance. Anything beyond that distance I am not ready to venture forth for a trail distance. Not now and neither for the year 2014. Perhaps I will reconsider it in 2015.

So there you have it. It’s important to have goals. Now it’s time to lace up again and get myself back on the road. Time to run with all of my heart, with all of my mind, with all of my body and with all of my spirit. Let my running prove the sunshine.

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