Day 9 of TITANIUM90 Road to MILO MARATHON: Music or No Music?

Note: I’ve managed to reach more than 60 days of TITANIUM90. I’m almost done with my training and preparation for MILO MARATHON this year and my goal is still the same. Once again, apologies for the delays in updating my TITANIUM90 journal here on my blog.


Do you listen to music? It’s been more than a week and I noticed a few things. One, I haven’t been listening to music during my training runs. I guess one of the reasons is that I’ve already spent a considerable amount of money for earphones during the last five years and that money would amount close to 9,000 pesos given that I’ve tried different brands. So far, the best and the ones that lasted me on the road are the ones that isn’t ridiculously dirt cheap but also not the most expensive either — PHILIPS earphones. Lately though, I haven’t managed to purchase a new pair of earphones and so I am sans music when I train.


And yet I do remember that music helps me keep me in the zone when I am on the road and training. In fact, I love the fact that I was listening to music when I am doing ultramarathons. I usually remember the longest ultramarathons via a song that I frequently loop. I think that’s another reason why I haven’t managed to share anything here every Tuesday for my TUESDAY PLAYLIST section. But now that I am thinking about it, will I be listening to music during this year’s MILO MARATHON Manila eliminations? Hmmmm, I haven’t fully decided on this one yet. But before I make up my mind about it, I think it is best that I remind myself what music can do to my running.


First of all, numerous studies have shown that listening to music during ANY for of exercise helps. Specifically, exercise intensity is noticeably higher when the tempo of the music being listened to is at a constant interval. Good grief, this explanation by itself makes music like some form of mathematical computation that can be equally be used in any given period of time during an exercise period.


Second, music can evoke emotion. In my case, I notice that depending on the type of music and also the lyrics that I listen to… my mood during my runs is also affected. Upbeat music helps me also feel upbeat about things. Music that talks about love and a broken heart also leaves me restless and at times I notice that even my runs becomes sluggish. Sometimes I listen to what people have called “church music” and at times I listen to classical music during a run. There are times when music also puts me to sleep and I am better off drinking one or two cups of strong coffee to perk me up during a run.


Third, no music makes me a little restless too. It’s like at the start of a run I feel like I need a longer period of time before I enter being “in the zone” so to speak. I have noticed that my total warm up time is lowered too when I am listening to music when I am running.


So with these things as part of the discussion about music or no music, will I still listen to music when I run during the MILO MARATHON?


I would think I will. But this means that I would definitely have to spend some money to get a new pair of earphones. And I think there’s another reason why I would want to listen to music for my MILO MARATHON — it is so that I can just focus on the road ahead. Normally, I would advocate not listening to music for most training runs especially if most of the training runs is done on open roads and busy streets. Sometimes listening to music can be detrimental because one is absorbed more on the music than on becoming more aware of the immediate environment. 


But for this MILO MARATHON I think I will take the risk because the race organizer is RUNRIO. And in my list of race organizers, RUNRIO is among the best there is when it comes to road safety and security. I have heard a few incidents that has happened over the years, but in general I would like to emphasize that overall they are still the best there is out there that I would trust my life with when it comes to organizing a full marathon distance.


The question now becomes…. what’s the line-up of the music that I will listen to while running with all of my heart during this year’s MILO MARATHON? Hmmm, certainly there’s going to be NEWSBOYS in that list and of course, Sonic Flood and Jars of Clay. The rest remains to be seen because the playlist that I am preparing for the MILO MARATHON should be fast, should be encouraging enough and should also uphold me till the end of the finish line and augment my run towards qualifying for this year’s MILO NATIONALS in December.







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