Day 8 of TITANIUM90 Road to MILO MARATHON: Leg Discrepancy


Note:  Apologies for not being able to publish my journey as like any person,  I also get swamped with work deadlines. Even as I struggle with starting my own business, it is also a challenge keeping track of my training and even the things that I learn from each session. Still, I thank you all for those who keep reading my entries. I hope that somehow you are also learning from each post that I share as much as I am learning more about myself.

Nearly 30 years ago, my parents noticed that I started limping. Being a kid, I did not notice this at all and besides, I later learned from orthopedic doctors and physical therapists that people who have limps tend to think that their walking is normal over time because the brain thinks it as “normal” making it seem natural to oneself. This limping bothered my parents and so I was hospitalized for “leg discrepancy” at the Singapore General Hospital and I had to stay there for several weeks. At the time, treating leg discrepancy has been relegated to having custom orthotics. However, this was not an option for the doctors because they believed that I was young and that my bones was still growing. The challenge was figuring out how to make sure that the other leg of mine would catch up in terms of bone growth and bone density for me to stop from limping.

It’s possible you are suffering from minor leg discrepancy if you keep standing on one leg most of the time when lining up for movie tickets or at the counter of fastfood outlets.


They did something to me and experimented on figuring out to make it happen. A simple procedure was done to me. They added weights on both legs of mine and these weights were being pulled by the force of the earth’s gravity upon me. The weights differ from one leg to another. The weights are measured on a daily basis and the measurement of my legs was also part of the daily regimen of measurement. I was literally immobilized from doing anything during this time. I could only sleep on my back and being the energetic kid that I am it was tough to just stay still. I remember having several roommates who suffered factures of different kinds and since I could not understand Mandarin, Hindi or even Japanese, it felt even more isolating for me. Thank goodness there was the television set before us and every day I watched replays of THUNDERSUB.   


The highlighted areas are indeed the areas where I feel the most pain even after several days of stopping from running or training.


After several weeks, they finally took out the weights and asked me to walk and run about the area. The doctors were all very happy to see that their experiment on me worked and that I was no longer limping… or so they thought… because later on when I took up ultrarunning… I discovered that I had “an imperceptible limp” and that my leg discrepancy was still there.. my left leg is still a few centimeters shorter and it is the reason why I was suffering from pain in my lower back and why it is only my left foot that I suffered from a nagging plantar fascitis that would not disappear. I learned to live with the pain over the years across different race distances and ultramarathons. It was only AFTER finishing my first hundred miler ultramarathon that I had my legs checked and confirmed that my leg discrepancy was still there.



So why I am sharing this in relation to TITANIUM90? Well, because even after a week of training.. I can say that I am still suffering from leg discrepancy. I’ve tried adding another layer of insole on my left running shoe. Alas, though the pain has improved remarkably.. it is still there. The question now is… given the amount of training distance and intensity that I need to reach my goal, can I indeed reach for the stars for the MILO MARATHON with leg discrepancy? Well, perhaps it is about time that I have my legs checked again and figure out how to make this pain go away. A little pain is good as it shows signs of progress when one is coming from zero training. But nagging pain is something that shows that there’s something wrong and it needs to be dealt with. 


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