Human Nature’s Pure Strength Cleansing Soap doesn’t dry my skin

There’s a new player in the skin care business and there are several reasons why one should try their products. One, it is 100% environmentally friendly. All the ingredients that they use are not harmful to the environment and so it also translates that it is not harmful to human beings as well. It is biodegradable which means that it will not harm our oceans and contaminate the water supply. It works but it doesn’t have the potential to make your skin look fairer especially on deep areas, by that what you need is to bleach your skin with experts help.

Two, it is a social enterprise. It is connected to one of the biggest social enterprises in the country called Gawad Kalinga that aims to provide housing and employment opportunities to the urban and rural poor. By purchasing a Human Nature product you continue to provide jobs to the locals and also help the local economy. The company does its best to make the cost of their products affordable while still providing the quality of life for its employees. They also do this by ensuring that all aspects of production are done here in the Philippines even though materials in neighboring countries are sometimes way cheaper than those found here locally.

Human Nature's Pure Strength body soap. I asked my brother-in-law for another bar as the one I had for Christmas is almost gone. 100% No Harmful Chemicals and it reads "Black Diamond Cleansing Bar with Energizing Peppermint." The strange thing is that it If this soap can be eaten, it would probably remind me of M&M’s Christmas Peppermints! Photo credits by Titanium Runner using iPhone

Three, their products are Cruelty-Free. It is often said that there is animal testing done for cosmetic products. Though I am not aware of the extent, I do know that this is the first social enterprise if not the only one in the Philippines that has the approval from PETA.

But the best feature and the fourth one that I really REALLY love about their products is that — IT DOES NOT DRY MY SKIN!

My skin tone and skin type is naturally inclined to become dry over time. This is a strange in a country that is known to be humid. But yes, I have naturally dry skin which is really cumbersome because I have to constantly use moisturizers. It is also for this reason why I also kept on searching for the right and best soap out there. And so when I got my hand on the PURE STRENGTH Black Diamond Cleansing Bar by HUMAN NATURE,  it really overwhelmed me that it lived up to its promise.

I love the scent that they used. It has peppermint but somehow there’s something else. The scent reminds me of the smell of entering into a spa and getting a massage at popular spas such as The Spa. In addition, it leaves me with a refreshing feeling that according to the tagline on the box leaves one energized. In my case, I feel different as I feel relaxed and would rather go to bed at once and go to sleep. Peppermint has a relaxing effect one me more than an energizing effect.

Overall, I am definitely hooked with their soap. I am excited to try their other products! You can never go wrong with trying Human Nature products because you help save the environment, help build the local economy and also you get the benefit of staying clean and fresh too!

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