A Salute to J. Cu Inijeng: BDM102 Survivor!!!

About an hour ago I got news that Jay passed away. I heard from Bald Runner last weekend that he was sick and was brought to the hospital. I even sent him a private message on Facebook in hopes that he would have gotten it since it feels kinda strange just posting on a person’s wall to get well and everyone else to read it. Alas, I guess there’s no other way for anyone to post one’s thoughts now except through his facebook wall.

Jay at his ultrarunning prime, Photo courtesy of Facebook

The first time I met Jay, it was at Gold’s Gym. We didn’t really talk at the gym. We became more acquainted literally on the road, during races and especially during the BDM102k, which he did for the second time around in 2010 and me for the first time. What I remember about Jay is that he has a witty way of making people laugh, and I love his articles about sports and fashion! In fact, I remember that I became more conscious of cameras and the way I look whenever I approach a person clicking away and taking pictures of me while running. It was through Jay that I saw how funny it is to look too tired and not even smile in front of the camera. And more so, the pictures provide ample documentation on whether or not one’s running form is still correct at the start, middle or at the end of the race.

I was really looking forward to seeing him during the BDM160. I guess now, people who are connected to him on Facebook can view his pictures while his Facebook account is still active.

Thank you, Jay. Thanks for the running tips, the articles you wrote, and even the cross training tips that you shared with me during races that we bump into each other. It seems that you are blessed to have finished this race in life strong. We hope to do you proud and as Jonel Mendoza mentioned in a FB entry, we’re doing the test run this Saturday in your memory. This race is for you. Thanks for sharing your life to us and your memory will be with the filipino ultrarunning community.

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