Are You a Green Lantern?

My closest friends know that I am a comic book fan. I grew up with comic books and my mother has totally forgotten that she got me into it in the first place. She bought me three comic books at the time, one of them being an issue of X-Factor¬† and two other issues one being an Amazing Spiderman issue. Here’s the cover of the very first comic book I ever had. Too bad it got eaten by the dog. : (

For the past two years, I have been collecting Green Lantern. What exactly is a Green Lantern? Well, to introduce non-comic book fans to Green Lantern, he happens to be a character that has a regular monthly comic book under DC Comics. In the DC Universe, there is a galactic patrol force known as the Green Lantern Corps. A person becomes a member of this corps when one has the ability to conquer fear at the same time is gifted with a strong will. Power rings hover around the universe in constant search of such individuals to become green lanterns. These power rings can do almost anything one could imagine and is powered by the will of the bearer. The stronger the will, the stronger the energy projections performed by the ring.

Hal Jordan of the Green Lanterns

Recently, in the green lantern mythology — it has been revealed that color green that represents the collective will of people of the universe is not the only one out there. The entire rainbow spectrum that a kid has grown up to know as ROYGBIV — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; they all represent one particular emotion and power source of the universe. Red represents Rage. Orange is Avarice. Yellow is Fear. Green is Will. Blue represents Hope. Indigo is Compassion. Violet is Love.

Last year, all the different colors came up with their own team and leaders. To be part of one of these rainbow bright teams, one needs to be consumed by that particular emotion or the lack of it. For the Red Lanterns, one needs to be full of anger, rage and bitterness. Should a red power ring approach a being with great rage, they become “instant” members of the Red Lantern Corps. I say “instant” because for other color teams, a choice is presented and one could accept or reject it. It’s interesting to note that for the Red Lanterns, no choice is presented. You are assimilated and become them. In the process of becoming a red lantern, one’s heart stops completely and the red ring takes over. Attempting to remove the red ring means instant death for the person as the heart does not beat anymore.

The Red Lanterns Icon

The Orange Lantern is unique. At the moment, there is only one ring bearer. The ring consumes the person completely with thoughts of the self and what it wants. There is no end to the desire to want things and not even the other rings could help suppress the consuming need to want things that do not matter.

The Orange Lantern Symbol

Yellow represents Fear. It’s not that one has fears. It’s the ability to instill fear in others and understanding that this fear helps empower them to do great things. This emotional color reminds me so much of the corporate world. There is much fear in losing a job. Fear of authority. Fear of making mistakes. My question now is are you consumed by your fears? The Bible says that perfect love drives aways fear. Yet at the same time, the fear of the Lord is the beginning to wisdom and knowledge. Talk about great irony of truth here.

The symbol of the Sinrestro Corps [Yellow Lanterns]

Willpower is what powers the green as I mentioned earlier. The ability to conquer ones’ fears and to have the willpower to do things without fear is the hallmark of a green lantern.

What do you hope for? For the Blue is about Hope. I like the way they made the color blue represent this emotion because the color blue usually is connected to images of peace and tranquility. The blue lanterns though have limited abilities and could only use their power rings creatively within range of a green lantern. It takes a dose of willpower to hope and to achieve something out of hoping. For hoping is not inaction. Hoping is working towards a goal knowing that hope empowers the person to move on despite challenges along the way of reaching a goal. The question for my readers is — would you rather be a Blue Lantern?

The symbol of Hope of the Blue Lanterns

Indigo is Compassion and in the comic book is considered as the rarest of emotions in the universe. How true! In this day and age alone, people really don’t care about other people. It’s always WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME. There’s more willpower, avarice and fear in peoples’ eyes than there is hope and compassion. To be compassionate and be an Indigo Lantern is tough.

The Indigo Tribe's symbol

Violet. All about Love. Yet the irony here is that in the comic book, violet lanterns are called Star Sapphires. And all of them are women! What the? So men do not love? In addition, the violet ring searches for individuals who have lost a great love. The ring seeks to replace the hole in the person’s heart by igniting that love once more with the power of the violet ring.

The Star Sapphires symbol and their violet color of love

So there you have it. If you were given a choice, what color best represents you at this moment? Are you constantly filled with hope? Or do you live your life in constantly fear? Rage may have consumed your soul, or your love for something or someone may have bordered towards obsession that leads to Avarice? At the end of the day, I believe that all people exhibit all these emotions in their lives. But to overcome and be in control of ones’ emotions is indeed the best thing — to have the willpower to overcome anything. I guess that’s what the green is in the middle of ROYGBIV. For all other emotions tend to control the one who bears it. Lets not be consumed by our emotions.

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