I finished the MILO Marathon! Admittedly, I did not make it to the goal that I set out for myself. But all I can say is that even if this is my seventh marathon, it still felt like it was my first one again. There’s something about the MILO Marathon that makes it indeed a memorable marathon. I can’t put my finger on what it is. Is it because it is the longest running event the has made it to its 34th year? Or is it because of the level of difficulty and prestige of the marathon itself? Could be both because I felt like a high schooler getting ready for a field trip. Two days before the marathon, I already had my stuff ready and even the night before the race, I just couldn’t sleep at all. I think that’s one major contribution why I did not run well in this event — the lack of sleep. And yet I already experienced lack of sleep with other marathons.

My MILO Marathon gear and giveaways

Overall, I am deeply satisfied with how the event was organized. Indeed, the MILO Marathon in my book deserves its credit to be called THE Marathon in the Philippines. I hope that someday one of our marathons could reach the level of interest and challenge that the Boston Marathon gives [in terms of qualifying]. Perhaps it will take a few more years since marathons and ultramarathon events have just begun in the Philippines. But until then, I will look forward to challenging myself to reach the cutoff time in order to join the MILO NATIONALS event.

My first MILO Marathon medal

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